TABLE  ThreeDimExtinctionMaps

Contains metadata details of the 3D Galactic Extinction Maps

This gives resolution details and Galactic coordinate range as
well as description reference and main table names

Required constraints:
  • Primary key is (mapID)

NameTypeLengthUnitDescriptionDefault ValueUnified Content Descriptor
mapIDtinyint1 UID of the map;meta.main
mapNamevarchar16 Name of map
descriptionvarchar64 Description of map. meta.bib
minGalLongfloat8DegreesMinimum Galactic Longitude stat.min;pos.galactic.lon
maxGalLongfloat8DegreesMaximum Galactic Longitude stat.max;pos.galactic.lon
minGalLatfloat8DegreesMinimum Galactic Latitude stat.min;
maxGalLatfloat8DegreesMaximum Galactic Latitude stat.max;
tableNamesvarchar64 Names of tables containing extinction map data: pixel map, 3d extinction val tableNONE 
referencevarchar16 Reference of paper which describes the map.NONE 
pixSizeAngreal4ArcminutesAngular resolution of extinction map-0.9999995e9 
pixSizeRadreal4kpcRadial resolution of extinction map-0.9999995e9 
Total length201