The Tables contain the data in the database. They are organized in columns and rows.
Here you will be shown the names of these columns, their data type, the data type size, the unit, a short description, a default value (if set), and the Unified Content Descriptor. The last one is a categorization of any parameter present in a column of a table or catalogue in a predefined scheme (see the UCD page at CDS).
Also a description of the table is given, and a list of the required constraints, ie. the primary key and key references.
Indexed variables are higlighted.
Some attributes have a tooltip image. This indicates that there is some more information in a small JavaScript tooltip window. This will appear if you hover with your mouse over this image or the attribute itself.
The link to glossary image shows that there is extended information on this attribute in the glossary. Click on the image or the attribute itself to go to the corresponding glossary entry.
If an attribute is derived directly from a FITS keyword the keyword is given in {...}.