The WISExSCOS Photometric Redshift catalogue (WISExSCOSPZ) archive, was constructed by cross-matching WISE and SuperCOSMOS all-sky samples and employing the artificial neural network approach to calculate photometric redshifts (the ANNz algorithm, Collister & Lahav 2004), trained on the GAMA-II redshift survey (Driver et al. 2011; Liske et al. 2015). The derived photometric redshifts have errors nearly independent of distance, with an overall accuracy of σz = 0.033, and a very small percentage of outliers. These redshift estimates have a typical precision of 15%. The resulting WISExSuperCOSMOS sample contains (after appropriate masking) about 18.5 million galaxies with a median redshift of z=0.2. This catalogue is described in Bilicki et al. 2016, ApJS, 225, 1, 5 .