The Southern H-ATLAS Regions Ks-band Survey (SHARKS) is a wide and deep VISTA public survey over the SGP and GAMA Herschel-ATLAS fields in the KS band covering 300 deg2 to a 5-sigma depth of KS ∼22.7 AB mag. The SHARKS fields have been and will be covered by a number of future deep and/or wide far-IR and radio surveys. The goals of the survey are

The depth of the deepest available observations over the proposed fields (VIKING survey, KS < 21.2 AB mag at 5-sigma) is not enough to accomplish any of these aims. The SHARKS fields will also overlap with future LSST (optical) and EUCLID (near-IR - but not KS) observations, representing a perfect complementary dataset with an enormous legacy.
For more information see the SHARKS home page.