The OGLE Archive is an implementation of some catalogues of the Optical Gravitational Lensing Experiment project. It's a long term project with the main goal of searching for the dark matter with microlensing phenomena. The idea of employing microlensing for that purpose was originally proposed by Paczynski (ApJ, 304, 1; ApJ Letters, 371, L63). The Magellanic Clouds and the Galactic Bulge are the most natural locations to conduct such search due to a large number of background stars that are potential targets for microlensing. The LMC and SMC stars may be lensed mostly by the Galactic halo objects, in case of the Galactic Bulge stars one expects an additional component - microlensing by low-mass disk stars. In both cases the optical depth for microlensing is very small - about 10-6. Therefore a massive, long term survey must be conducted to a) detect and b) collect statistatically significant sample of microlensing events to draw any conclusion about the nature of dark matter.